Detox & Weight Loss

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Easy to do DETOX and never feel hungry nor desperate. Reset your body while carrying on your daily life.

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Emotional Code Healing

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The Emotion Code is a powerful technique, which uses kinesiology (muscle testing) to access the subconscious mind and locate trapped emotions so they can be released.

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Corporate Wellness


What is your most valuable corporate asset ? Invest in your employees’ health to maximize you ROI.

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LifeFood & Nutrition


You are what you EAT! Learn to combat irritating symptoms such as allergies, flatulence or any digestive-related by doing comprehensive assessment on your food intake and lifestyle. Understand how to maximize your health by eating the right foods and have a healthy relationship with Food.

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Healing Therapies


Stress is big part of daily living and yet many do think about it and think it is normal. Not all stress is bad as we need it to get us out of bed and to protect from danger.

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Yoga & Meditation

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The purpose of yoga is to unite the individual’s consciousness to infinite consciousness. It is a complete therapy for mind, body and soul connection so that you can become a fulfilled human BEING. Yoga @ SOL is intimate and focused at your individual needs and it is like having a private class paying group rates.

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SOL Events

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What Our Customers Say


“My Detox experience was tough but very rewarding. It has changed the way I think about food. Chan was very supportive and helpful in providing much needed information during my Detox journey. She did a health scan and checks on my state of health and customized the program for me. I never thought I could stop eating for 7 days.”

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Kundalini Yoga 

“Chan teaches Kundalini yoga/Meditation and this form of yoga to help her clients to become comfortable with their spiritual body while living a human experience”

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Nutrition – LifeFood Class

“Great Class ! Learned a lot about healthy food, preparation and healthy living ! It’s good to know about these healthy tricks to enhance life energy and boost immune system. Will definitely try to come again.”

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About Sol Wellness

At SOL (Sense of Life) Wellness we empower, educate and inspire you to a step-up in Health – WELLNESS.

Wellness is about preventioSOL officen and maintaining peak performance in bodily systems functioning, vitality and being free of degenerative disease.

Expand your horizons to explore other proven natural approaches to reboot your health and achieve a balanced Sense Of Life.

SOL Wellness, a holistic healthcare clinic in Hong Kong is born out of a passion to share healthy lifestyle practices by founder Chan Cudennec. It blends ancient and state-of-the-art health practices to activate your body’s innate ability to heal itself. Our practice is based on the body, mind and soul connection

Our team of expert professionals will care and guide you to your radiant state of wellness and your best self. We empower you from a place of loss of control to feeling a passion for Life.

We also offer regular workshops and talks by residential and renowned visiting spiritual healers. We carry clinical grade supplementsherbal remedieskitchen tools and health equipment from premium suppliers.

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