About Chan Cudennec

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Chan Cudennec, Energy Healer, Detox and Life Coach

Chan Cudennec, the founder of SOL Wellness is an Energy Healer, an expereinced Detox and Life Coach.   An expert in mind-body healing and practitioner of complementary medicine. A former banker and management consultant, she combines her vast knowledge of energy medicine in helping clients identify root causes of health disorders and provide solutions for a balanced state of wellness.  She has helped thousands of clients to overcome their physical, emotional and spiritual issues with her compassionate and transformative modalities of healing such as Emotion Code healing, Sekhem and Kinesiology, Detox protocols and nutrition counselling.
In a session with Chan, the client receives a better understanding of the underlying causes of their presenting condition. She then assists the client to release the stuck energy and to trigger the body’s self-healing mechanisms. Where appropriate she will also Essential Oils and Sound therapy of the Alchemy Crystal Bowls.

A passionate wellness advocate, Chan leads corporate wellness seminars for multinational corporations and professional firms.