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small-energy-soupRaw and living foods are foods that have not been highly heated (over 46°C) or artificially preserved. They include fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts, and legumes in their natural state. Nutrients and most of the enzymes are destroyed. In a living food lifestyle, food is prepared to maximize the presence of enzymes, predigested protein and lactobacillus bacteria to enhance digestion and absorption. Sprouting of seeds, grains and fermenting in foods increase the enzymes “friendly” bacteria.
Enzymes are proteins that speed up the chemical processes of the body such as digestion. When we eat live food like raw sprouts, the absorption of nutrition will be much faster than cooked beans, raw sprouts have their own enzymes for improved digestion.
A well-managed raw and living diet can contribute to weight control, more energy, clear skin and improved insulin tolerance. Living foods are alkaline and reduce acidity in the body which creates the terrain for disease.

A live food diet is optimal for extending life, preventing chronic degenerative disease and increasing vitality, energy and youthfulness.
Learn how to prepare delicious and appetising raw treats such as zucchini lasagna, cauliflower hummus, flaxseed crackers, raw cacao walnut truffles, amazing salad dressings, healing foods such as cleansing and energising soups and fermented food rich with “friendly bacteria”.

Lifefood Classes

The magic of raw and living foods lie simply in its direct link to mother nature.

Back in the day, before processed foods and external toxins penetrated the earth, humans lived off food fresh from its life source. Imagine the life source as an umbilical cord, transferring all the necessary nutrients from mother to baby. Similarly plants that are still connected to their branch or root feed off nutrients from the soil and sun, providing the resources to grow, flourish and stay alive. These foods are living because they’re still growing. Like humans, after being born disconnected from the umbilical cord, plants stop receiving nutrients from their life source after being picked, and gradually begin to die: wilting, losing colour and shrivelling up. After about 48 hours, plants are no longer living. They are then considered raw foods, and continue to possess many vital nutrients as long as they’re fresh.

All living things go through the same stages, humans not exempt. Once we are born and disconnected from our mothers’ unconditional flow of nutrients, although much slower than plants, ageing is inevitable. However, eating right, we have the power to slow this process and retain vigour and vitality, almost as if it were an anit-aging formula. Funnily enough our fountain of youth has always been right before our eyes, but as humans, ever progressing and yearning for knowledge, we merely got distracted by our exciting discoveries along the way.

It may surprise you to know some foods we all love, including chocolate, which IS a plant, and in its raw form cacao is asuperfood filled with magnesium, antioxidants, the “bliss chemical” (anandamide), aphrodisiac (phenylethylamine), digestive health, and deliciousness. There are many simple recipes. Chocolate is believed to be an unhealthy food only because of what happens when its processed. Like many foods, when processed (i.e. cooked, microwaved, filled with additives like sugar, milk, preservatives) lose their vital nutrients.

Since we no longer have easy access to farms where we can pick fresh, living, organically grown vegetables, an alternative is necessary. This can be easily achieved in your kitchen sprouting your own seeds, nuts, or grains. Sprouts are richly flowing with nutrients because they are baby plants. Just like babies, sprouts require an abundance of nutrients to grow, thus providing us with incredible age reversing treasures.

Attend one of our Raw Living Workshops to learn to sprout in your very own kitchen.

Eating raw and living foods has prevented and healed diseases, reduces stress, keeps the mind sharp and focused, skin smooth and vibrant, hair thick and luscious, digestion impeccable, and the body active and pain free. You will even find your weight normalising. Tonya Zavasta, author of Your Right to Be Beautiful and Quantum Eating is a shining example of attaining vibrance and beauty maintaing a Raw and Living foods lifestyle. Despite undergoing numerous surgeries enabling her to walk normally, she has fully recovered. Even in her 50’s she radiates flawless skin, long dark hair, bright eyes and a fit figure. She has determinedly inspired women and men to rejuvenate their minds, bodies and souls. She wittily exclaims, “when a beautiful young girl turns your head – Wow! When a radiant fifty years young woman turns back the clock – How?”

Nowadays we need much more than just food, water and shelter to survive. Introducing an abundance of raw and living foods into our lifestyles we can attain health, beauty, vitality and sharpness, creating a state of mind and body open to nourishing our souls to love our core self.


“I thought the presentation was excellent: so organized and informative. Chan was very knowledgeable in communicating the different health benefits of each ingredient. I really enjoyed it and I look forward to learning new ways of adapting local HK recipes to ‘raw’!”

“Great Class ! Learned a lot about healthy food, preparation and healthy living ! It’s good to know about these healthy tricks to enhance life energy and boost immune system. Will definitely try to come again.”

Nicole Froelich

Nicole Froelich