SOL Corporate Wellness makes it work for you!

We design & customize corporate health and wellness programmes, services, educational messages to fit the unique needs and learning styles of individuals within a client corporation. We work with the leadership of companies to create an environment to ensure a healthy workplace for all employees. We ensure that the initiative is planned and coordinated toward a strategic direction. We encourage leadership to visibly invests its energy and financial resources in preventive measures to deal with stress, and to promote activities that encourage cooperation and collaboration rather than internal strife and competition.

How we work with you

We provide the systems and tools to create an environment of trust and easy communication flow.

We begin by doing an assessment of the state of health

  1. Detox your organization: are there issues in your company that are causing high levels of anxiety
  2. Emotional wellness: Service quality chain – happy staff gives amazing service, creating satisfied customers
  3. Nutrition Awareness for energy and vitality
  4. Yoga and Mindfulness

Benefits of corporate wellness

SOL’s corporate wellness programmes will transform your company by:

  1. Enhancing optimum staff performance
  2. Enhancing staff motivation and reducing turnover
  3. Reducing absenteeism and time lost
  4. Reducing presenteeism, employees coming to work despite being unwell resulting in reduced productivity

Programs can be delivered in the following ways:

  1. Lunch and Learn 1-hour sessions
  2. Workshops (half/full day)
  3. Group activities

Consulting :

  • We consult with clients to design strategic approaches in wellness with the objective of reducing, controlling staff costs and improving financial performance through engaged employees.
  • We help clients design methods of calculating ROI (return on investment) by establishing baseline metrics, co-creating wellness programs with clients, such as providing prevention education and individual coaching

Corporate Wellness Testimonials

Corporate Wellness Clients include

A true professional with a great relaxed style and happy presenter, Chan Cudennec created amazing raw food recipes to tantalise our ‘Virgin’ raw food palettes. Her vegan raw Tiramisu was divine! She is a fountain of knowledge.

Pauline Williams, Director

Pauline Williams, Director

Corporate Wellness