Crystal Healing

crystal picture for websiteThe history of the healing and protective qualities of crystals, gems and minerals goes back far beyond our written history. For example, Moldavite amulets were discovered dating back 25,000 years and in ancient Rome, Emerald was viewed as a symbol of fertility and was associated with the Goddess Venus.

The art of ‘laying on of stones’ for healing is an ancient practice and I feel very privileged and blessed to be able to offer it to you. Your treatment will last 90 minutes and begins with a consultation on what challenges you are currently facing and what your expectations are from the session. You will then lie fully clothed on the floor whilst I lay stones in a protective grid around you. Then, I will lay specific stones on chakra points and/or the organs/body parts that we wish to affect.

Sometimes a body layout can be as simple as a chakra attunement array consisting of appropriate stones at each of the chakra points. It can, however, be used to facilitate greater physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing.

At the physical level, Crystal Healing can allow the body to rest or revive. The crystals can work to help alleviate pain and exhaustion and facilitate healing of blockages or trauma to enable your body to be the best version of itself.

At the mental level, Crystal Healing can bring clarity and focus. The crystals can help with addictions, confidence, concentration and creativity to enable you to clearly see a brighter future.

At the emotional level, Crystal Healing can reduce stress and anxiety. The crystals can help with fear, anger and depression in order for you to cope with the ups and downs of life more easily.

At the spiritual level, Crystal Healing can help you find your life purpose. The crystals can help with meditation, protection and connection to your higher self to allow you to live a spiritual life of joy in a physical body.

About Therapist

Gillian Harrison

Gillian is a knowledgeable practitioner and passionate advocate of vibrational healing. She brings this passion to life through her treatments of Crystal Healing, Australian Bush Flower Essence Therapy and Reiki.

Prior to being a holistic therapist, Gillian spent 15 years in global brand marketing with industry leaders P&G and Nestle. As such, she truly understands the pressures of corporate work and brings valuable insights to her, very often, stressed out clients.

She has owned her own vibrant mind, body and spirit shop and therapy centre in the UK since 2006 and so she has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in dealing with all holistic matters.

She has worked for over ten years as a therapist, providing healing to clients worldwide with emotional, physical, mental or spiritual challenges. She helps them to co-create, with the essences and the crystals, a healthier and happier future.

She believes in flowers and crystals, kindness and karma, past and future lives, angels and spirit guides and living every second of every day in a meaningful and joyful way.

Gillian is also a Reiki Master and a resident healer at SOL Wellness, HK. She offers Crystal Healing, Australian Bush Flower Essence Therapy and Reiki. She runs workshops on Crystals and teaches Reiki.

Crystal Healing

I had been feeling quite run down after the pressure of my exams and this had resulted in a very sore throat and swollen glands. I had absolutely no energy and just didn’t feel myself. I had tried lots of over the counter medicines but nothing shifted it. Gillian did a very relaxing chakra balancing treatment on me, with special emphasis around my throat chakra and neck area. After the treatment, which was in the morning, I slept solidly for five hours and awoke refreshed and with no pain. I would highly recommend both Gillian and her crystal healing therapy. It worked for me!