Detox & Weight Loss


The SOL holistic detox is highly effective, with transformational results. Our philosophy is to help you to learn how to cleanse so that you will appreciate the benefits and make it a point to do it periodically (preferably twice a year for optimum health).


Did you know that we ingest, breathe and assimilate vast amounts of toxins and chemicals into our bodily systems? Our eliminative organs such as colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, skin and the lymphatic system are supposed to eliminate them. Sadly, toxins are piled into the body faster than the body can eliminate them. This is evidenced by the high incidence of diseases caused by congestion, such as cancer, cardiovascular disorders, autoimmune and mood disorders to name a few.

Thus a systematic way of cleansing the body can help to reboot your health and restore the functions of your bodily systems.


Some of the amazing benefits are

  • Improved energy levels and vitality
  • Weight loss for a slimmer you
  • Reduction of cravings and addictions
  • Improved skin
  • Reduction of chronic symptoms
  • Renewed sense of confidence and control of your life


Our belief is that the human body comprises of the physical, emotional and the soul. Thus, a breakdown of the body happens when these 3 bodies are out of sync. SOL’s detox addresses all aspects from the cleaning of the colon, liver and kidneys, clearing emotional debris from traumas and unresolved conflicts to clarifying your life’s purpose.

Our team of competent therapists will help you identify the possible causes of your health issues, after which we will suggest an appropriate detox program: A fasting detox, a semi-fast with healthy soups and sugar-free snacks, or simply a cleansing diet for 21 days.

We will also help you to identify some lifestyle changes that will make a huge impact on your health, while providing the support to help make it happen for you.

After examining your current diet we will make recommendations for healthier choices or combinations of food. Whether you are a vegetarian, a raw food enthusiast or a meat eater, we will can provide a solution that is easy for you to transition to after your detox

What’s included in the 7–day detox & weight loss

  • Holistic Health Assessment (1 hr)
  • Emotion Code and energy healing with kinesiology (1 hr)
  • Far Infrared Sauna (15-30mins) Client may buy additional FIR sauna sessions
  • Detox Massage (Taoist Internal Organs Massage (Chi Nei Tsang)  or Raindrop aroma massage)
  • Therapeutic Yoga class
  • Pre-cleanse & Detox Protocol
  • Supplements and ingredients for the detox
  • Coaching on how to administer an enema (Enema bag and enema coffee not included)
  • Pre and post detox measurement of body

FEE: 7-day detox $2,800. Do it with a partner $2,500 each

We can supply the food for semi-fasting options at $250 per day or we can provide the recipes for FREE


The detox can be extended for up to 21 days if the client wishes to achieve more results or is ready to embrace some lifestyle changes. Additional fees of HK$6000 apply

What’s included in the 21–day detox (HK$8500)

  • All of the above
  • Gourmet Raw and living food class
  • Recipes for a healthy eating
  • Additional supplements for extra detox days
  • Enema bag and enema coffee
  • Lifestyle changes coaching
  • Energy Healing and Kinesiology
  • 2 Far Infrared sauna sessions

SOL’s detox is the most comprehensive approach that you can find in HK. You begin with a holistic health check and metabolic assessment. The results will determine the safest way for you to proceed. We provide with a detailed daily protocol which consists of cleansing shakes, greens and herbs to release toxins at the cellular level. We coach you on how to do daily coffee enemas. Coffee has palmitic acid that would activate your liver to release stored toxins. On day 5 or 6 of your detox we coach you to do a liver and gallbladder flush complete with Edgar Cayce’s warm compress soaked with castor oil. The detox package also includes a far infrared sauna to help release toxins stored in fat cells. We take your weight, arm, waist, thigh measurements and blood pressure, and at the end we check to monitor the changes. Additionally at the beginning of the detox, you get a treatment to balance your energy and to prepare mentally for the challenge ahead. We are available to support clients and hold their hand throughout the process. Many satisfied clients are surprised at their achievements which they did not believe were possible.

Will I feel moody and angry during the detox?
This does not always happen, however, it is a possibility. When we release physical toxins during the detox, emotions which we may have suppressed as part of our coping mechanism may sometimes come to the surface. We may feel angry as the liver, a major detoxifying organ, is where we store anger, resentment and bitterness. We just need to stay connected. As we remove the toxins from our colon, the mind also clears, and many report a lightness and sharpness in their thinking and their ability to intuit. Everyone’s experience is different.

About Therapist


Chan Cudennec

Chan Cudennec, the founder of SOL Wellness is an expert in mind-body healing and experienced practitioner of complementary medicine.
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“I was really surprised how easy it was to follow the detox programme. I am really pleased with the results which were weight loss of 2 kgs, overall loss of 4 ins around my waist, arms and thighs; the release of accumulated  inner stress and emotions – a real emotional detox!
The most important takeaway fro me was a better understanding of the workings of my body. Chan was helpful and very knowledgable regarding natural health approach to healing and I definitely will return for another detox in 6 months and follow a healthier approach to inner emotions and food options. I highly recommend the SOL 7-day Green Detox “
A satisfied client

A satisfied client

Detox & Weight Loss

My Detox experience was tough but very rewarding. It has changed the way I think about food. Chan was very supportive and helpful in providing much needed information during my Detox journey. She did a health scan and checks on my state of health and customized the program for me. I never thought I could stop eating for 7 days.