THYROID Your Powerhouse

Thyroid Health Seminar
Presented by Josephine Ng – Nutritional Therapist (UK) & Functional Medicine Practitioner (USA)

19 May 2017, Sat 10am-1pm

Venue: SOL Pause, 16F Tin On Sing Comm Bldg, 41-43 Graham St, Central, Hong Kong

Do you suspect you have a thyroid problem but your test results are normal?
Are you on medication for a thyroid condition yet still feel unwell?

Attend this illuminating seminar where you will learn:
• The ins and outs of the thyroid gland, hormones, functions and effects on your health
• The underlying causes of different thyroid conditions – hypo, hyper, autoimmune Hashimoto’s, Graves and nodules
• How the thyroid is affected by a multi-organ hormonal system
• Why conventional tests may miss a thyroid problem and what tests to consider
• Pros and cons of various thyroid medications
• Which supplements are appropriate
• Self-help through diet, lifestyle measures and safe self supplementations

Fee: HK$950 and Early bird discount $850 by 10 May 2017.

For more info please whatsapp +85291898050

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As Seats are limited, your place is confirmed upon payment. Pay to HSBC 808-865109-001 SOL Wellness Ltd and send us the proof proof of payment copy.

“I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune thyroid condition.  Doctors will only provide medication and are not proactive with further testing to help identify root causes nor provide nutrition and supplement support for treating the whole person. Therefore, I was still very unwell. At the Thyroid seminar, Josephine gave the best overview on how the thyroid impacts on so many areas of the body and I came away with a much better understanding for self-management for my condition.

After a private consultation with her, she provided me with an individualized plan, inclusive of diet and supplements. She suggested further tests and the results have been very enlightening. I highly recommend her both for her seminar and 1-1 consultation in that her expertise comes not just from study but also from patients whom she has worked with. She listens carefully and really endeavors to support us.”

Christine Byrne, Admissions Manager, International School, Vietnam


“Josephine has an innate way of communicating with the audience during her seminar. All aspects of thyroid health are covered in a language that everyone can understand. Remember that we are all individuals and conventional testing procedures do not answer all questions. Josephine has a great wayto introduce into your lifestyle, easy practical solutions. I would recommend her for an interesting seminar or an individual assessment.”

Dr Karina Spicer, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ho Chih Minh City, Vietnam and Melbourne, Australia




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