Level 1 SVH Practitioner Master Course (L1-M)

The next step after Level 1 is Training in ‘Perfecting the Tools’ to become a Level 1 Master Practitioner

  • Receive a comprehensive ‘how to’ manual, with additional processes, learning materials and Level 1 Master Practitioner Certification.
  • Training starting from Saturday from 9:00am to about 6pm & Sunday; and over 2 weekends (It can also happen over 2 days during the week)

Level 1 Mastery Course

Mastering the Mind – is the key to everything. Each choice that we make is honoured. Everything we create has our individual finger print/imprint. If we learn to stop limiting thoughts, our creations will be pristine. SVH rolls back to reformat past choices/agreements etc., and rewrites them so that there is no energy supporting their creation. (Thoughts have creation energy – we create what we think!)

The principle of Creation formation – Positive thoughts and words are the foundation for positive creation manifestation. Negative thoughts and words are the foundation for negative creation manifestation and come from the ego.

Clarity and conscious choice to create resides within a quiet mind – one free of random-inner-dialogue or ego.

When we stop the ego program file, it goes dormant, we will master the mind. We are working towards instant manifestation. To do this we can disable ego formatting by utilizing Quantum Level Programming in Serenity Vibration Healing & Enlightenment Technique.

This course is designed to gracefully coach each student to develop their proficiency and become fluid in their use of the Serenity Tools. You will learn advanced techniques to increase the speed, depth and maximum effectiveness of all clearing, through multiple placement of the re-scripting tools, along with many time saving procedures and enhanced wording.

This course is designed to anchor the Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique within each student, through repeated use and guided execution of the sequences of clearing. Use of the Serenity Tools will become second nature to you in this class, assisting to build upon your current foundation to enhance your proficiency. This course will aid you to expand on your current practice.

Attending this course will bring you towards a greater understanding of the concepts, mechanics and uses of the Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique, preparing you for the Level 2 class.

Fee HK $5800

Instructor: Chan Cudennec