The subject of addictions touches me in a very personal way. My interest in writing this blog is to highlight that addictions are more common-place than we want to believe. Many addicts deny their addictions and loved ones may suspect and are at a loss to do anything. In my personal experience, the signs were present but the person was not ready to acknowledge the fact. It is hard to speak to the person if he/she wants help as it becomes confrontational.

The signs are clear and they include withdrawal from daily life, acting irresponsibly, early signs of depression, inability to cope, giving up and finding excuses not to engage in life and useful activities. They also tend to alienate themselves and cut themselves from any social groups or connections and justify it as no one cares for them anymore. They value nonconformity and develop low tolerance for anything and anyone who don’t fit their ideal of perfection.

Someone with an addictive personality can be high functioning and do well maintaining a job and family life. They can become obsessive, compulsive and achieve a lot but if they don’t seek help it will catch up with them and then their world can fall apart. Their physical being starts to disintegrate with all kinds of symptoms and disease.

Families, marriages and partner relationships break up due to addictions. Addictions could be to substances such as alcohol, tobacco, food, to an activity such as sports, sex addiction. It becomes an addiction when the person becomes obsessed by the thing or activity and cannot do without it and it comes to the point when it begins to harm them and causes disharmony within them and with their relationships.

In this article I want to focus on alcohol and tobacco addictions. Both habits are socially accepted and encouraged as a cool lifestyle distraction. Yet so many causes of ill health such as diabetes, high blood pressure, restricted respiration, being overweight are exacerbated by these 2 seemingly innocent habits.

Addictions can be seen at 2 levels – physical and psychological which includes mental, emotional and spiritual but they are all interrelated. The physical addiction can be easily dealt with when the person is emotionally stable and is motivated to deal with the root cause.

What is the Root cause?

The root cause is indeed the toxic shame the person perceives throughout their life. They are unresolved emotional wounds of being abandoned, rejected, humiliated, betrayed and treated with injustice. They are usually first experienced from time of conception – age 8 years as postulated by Lise Bourbeau, the author of “Heal Your Wounds and Find Your True Self”

The notion of toxic shame is the root cause of all addictions as affirmed by John Bradshaw, author of “The Shame that Binds you” where he writes of his victory over alcohol addiction by working on the reduction and neutralising the shame he experienced throughout his life

In my work as a therapist, Isee the gravity of unresolved toxic emotions on the psyche and thus on the physical body. A cancer or any life threatening illness can be almost eliminated when the root emotional cause is identified and resolved in time. When the physical is badly damaged it is harder for recovery. However the person can depart from the earthly existence peacefully and gracefully.

I have learnt many modalities of healing and I find that Serenity Vibration Healing is very powerful in clearing blockages and anything that is anchoring the person’s insecurity, feeling lost, desperation, self hate, hopelessness and then they can load tools to heal and regain their sovereignty and authentic self. They can then infuse themselves with DIVINE light and regain their LIGHT and find meaning in their life.

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By Chan Cudennec

3 Sept 2017