Sekhem Healing Energy

SekhemSekhem Living Light Energy is a high vibrational energy healing system that is known to originate from Sirius, and was used & taught in ancient Egypt.

This empowering, loving and knowing energy is dynamic and expansive, helping to remove blockages to personal development and wellbeing.

It works unconditionally to support and nurture you through change, assisting in the removal of the unconscious obstacles while helping you to release physical symptoms and move towards spiritual awakening.

At SOL you can receive a healing session and/or be attuned to the system and tap into this energetic system for self healing and healing of others.

Living Light Energy has a very feminine quality and yet a very powerful effect on clients. Students of this energy system are able to open their heart chakras and access their innate intuitive abilities rapidly. The feeling of “coming home” is a very resonant benefit of experiencing and learning Living Light energy. You will feel empowered and move from a state of helplessness to empowerment and connection to your Divine Self.

Some conditions that respond well to Sekhem:

  • Pre and post-surgery discomfort and rapid recovery
  • Chronic health conditions,
  • Childhood health issues
  • Mood issues
  • Pain
  • Auto-immune deficiencies, etc.

Living Light energy Levels 1, 2, Advanced & Master workshops are taught at SOL

About Therapist

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Chan Cudennec

Chan Cudennec, the founder of SOL Wellness is an expert in mind-body healing and experienced practitioner of complementary medicine.
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Sekhem Healing Energy Testimonials

“In February 2008 was I diagnosed with NK/T cell non-Hodgkins lymphoma and underwent an aggressive course of Chemo and Radiotherapy. As a balance to this I pursued a number of alternative therapies and one of the most beneficial of these was working with Chan Cudennec. Her patience and warmth were extremely valuable to my well-being. In particular, she guided me to the positive outlook that really carried me through an incredibly stressful time. Her treatments were so gentle, and she herself so considerate, it had a wonderfully calming and valuable effect.

I would see Chan once or twice a week and we would discuss what was happening medically to me but also mentally how I was coping; I would then lie down and Chan would work her magic! These sessions allowed me a brief oasis between the exhausting drama of my condition, a time I could look forward to, switching off from the outside world and focusing on healing. After seeing her I would always feel so peaceful and ready to face the next round of medicine.

There’s no way to quantify the results of the work Chan did but I can say for sure our time was incredibly useful, had a huge impact on the processes I was going through and on my mental handling of it all. Ultimately I was cured of cancer. Her contribution to my success was invaluable and I wouldn’t hesitate in encouraging others to submit to her methods. My whole experience with Chan absolutely contributed to my well being, mental and physical, for the many months I fought cancer.

Today, I’m 100% healthy and happy. I’m probably in the best condition of my life and I’ve never been so focused and motivated about the future.


Simon Birch - Artist

Simon Birch - Artist

Sekhem Living Light Energy
Chan, you are one powerful lady!   Thank you for all your help and advice! As you know, I was laid off from my job last July, and had been looking diligently for a new one ever since. The job market has been tough and I have been job hunting diligently. I was feeling discouraged and depressed over my situation

After you gave me some Feng Shui tips to attract the right career and prosperity, in    preparation for an interview on Tuesday morning.  You also sent living light energy on me remotely before and after my meeting. Later on Tuesday, when you asked me the results of my interview, I explained I would hear something by Wednesday. On Wednesday morning, before I had any word, you calmly said to me “You will get the job. You will start May 6th. I have a special line to God.” Well, it all happened like you said, right down to the date! Coincidence? I doubt it. I truly believe you had a big hand in helping me create my own future, and I thank you for it.  God Bless You.

I participated in the Living Light Energy introductory class by Chan Cudennec and was very impressed by Chan’s gentleness, sincerity, professionalism, and knowledge of her subject. After the temporary attunement, I felt very relaxed, physically energized, empowered, and having a sense of spiritual calmness. I subsequently scheduled appointments for private sessions, and received healings I received an all encompassing healing of mind, body, and spirit. I had some strong revelations during the healing treatment that have caused an accelerated spiritual growth in me, and an insatiable curiosity to learn more. I would encourage anyone with a desire to continue learning and growing spiritually, as well as intellectually, to consider studying with Chan.

I have recently had the privilege of receiving a private healing session from Chan Cudennec, as well as the opportunity participate in the Sekhem energy training provided by her at Sol Wellness. In our one-on-one consultation I found that Chan’s depth of experience provided presence, compassion and clarity that enabled the manifestation of love and abundance in my daily experience. After receiving a session of healing and initiation into the Sekhem energy, I took bold actions and was able to follow through on my stand for freedom and consciousness with a newfound power and magnitude that I have never experienced before. Additionally, once I started on working on others with Sekhem I noticed that they too seemed to have similiar profound results which expanded their ability to manifest a life of their dreams and desires. Chan is a grounded and generous spiritual leader of our time, and I am deeply grateful for the sacred haven she provides through her work and holistic center.

This was my first time trying out energy healing and it was an amazing experience. Any doubts or hesitance about whether I could really do this were quickly dispelled by Chan’s professional guidance and caring nature, which really helped me to easily ease into the practice and feel the Sekhem energy.

It’s a very gentle and comforting energy that’s powerful at the same time. I’m now empowered with tools to help in my everyday as well as other people for their greatest and highest and good.

Just after working with it for a day, my insomnia issues were gone and I felt a shift deep within me for better. I’m also much more attuned to what how I feel physically, mentally and emotionally, and how to start the healing process in all areas.

I am deeply grateful that she has openly shared this knowledge with us and would definitely encourage others to experience this wonderful energy for themselves.