SVH introduces Animal Healing: A beautiful way to work with our beloved best friends, dogs, cats, birds, fish, insects and all God’s creatures.

This unique spiritual healing for all animals is designed to uplift their life so they are all honored, loved and respected.

Some of the unique processes for animals:

  • Healing for Abuse,
  • Bereavement,
  • Emotional & Physical Trauma,
  • Family and friends and
  • ways to enhance resourced data about the animals.

We also uplift their spiritual vibration with earth shields that create harmony, in water, on earth or in the air, or all three. All animal bodies and their environment are blessed, as is their heart connection to their owner or human assisting them in this life. Animals are being transported there is a very special healing with gifts like hydration, healing songs and Angelic support from specific Masters, St. Francis of Assisi and ArchAngel Michael.

Healings can happen in person or on the phone with the animals attendant or human guardian.

Fees are from Rm80 for 15 minutes.