Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga with Chan Cudennec

Chan yoga smallKundalini yoga, is known as the “yoga of awareness”, and designed to unlock the hidden potential within every person. In each class, a unique series of postures (asanas) forming a class, or “kriya” is chosen to enhance and strengthen a specific aspect of the human anatomy and/or chakra system. A Kundalini practice always ends with a meditative practice and this combination of physical practice with meditation brings the meditative mind into everyday life. The real meditation begins after chanting, whereby we can enjoy heightened awareness and a conversation with the higher self.

Kundalini yoga is known to improve sleep, energy levels, and to focus ability and intuition. Kundalini yoga works quickly, as the asanas, breathing (pranayama), mantras, and meditation are designed to strengthen the central nervous system as well as the hormonal system. Kundalini yoga is considered to be one of the most powerful and inclusive of all yoga practicess and is a combination of Hatha and Raja yoga. This form of yoga is very powerful in helping us to harmonize with the new energies and vibrations of our times.

Kundalini Yoga Testimonials

My Detox experience was tough but very rewarding. It has changed the way I think about food. Chan was very supportive and helpful in providing much needed information during my Detox journey. She did a health scan and checks on my state of health and customized the program for me. I never thought I could stop eating for 7 days.

I have practised many yoga styles for 2 years and Kundalini Yoga is different because it re-energises me every single time. I get into the space where I feel ONENESS. It is truly a yoga for the body and mind.

Cissy Chan, Consultant

Cissy Chan, Consultant

Kundlani Yoga