Immerse yourself in an ocean of sound, encoded with light language, that has never been played before and will never be played again.

Group Sessions

Alegria tunes to the energy of the group and delivers unique chants and harmonizing sounds that balance the group energy. She then works individually on each person, while guiding the group into deeper states of inner awareness. Through chant and gentle touch Alegria supports your physical, mental and emotional bodies to release energy blocks. This process allows you to reconnect with your body’s inner wisdom in a very powerful manner.

At the same time, the process allows new channels to open through the body’s energetic centers, balancing the overall chi/prana energy.

You will leave the sessions feeling empowered,  relaxed, and more connected to your inner wisdom.

Group session max 8 people – 1 hour

Individual Sessions

On individual sessions we will maximize your inner healing process. On a private setting, and creating a trusting space, we will delve deeper into your emotional body, allowing powerful healing experiences to take place.

Alegria’s individual sessions open a direct channel to the infinite healing power of your body. She chants directly light language encoded sounds into each energy center, tuning to the specific individual needs.  This re-balances energy centers, helps heal trauma, and emotional blockages and aids to heal any manifestation of illness or destructive emotional patterns

Some people experience deep energy activation and tingling in the whole body, others profound self-realizations, some immediate release of muscle/joint pains, and emotional discharge such as tears or laughter, among. You will get what you need, as these chants are always unique and tailored for each individual and never rehearsed. People describe them as ancient chants, or Hathor sounds. The immediate healing effects are often reported to continue being experienced for a week or two weeks after each session, with just one to three sessions needed to experience permanent results.

Back to Basics Retreats

(These are being worked on at the moment)


(Until December 2016)

Individual – 1,500HKD

Group (up to 8 people) – 300HKD

Important Note: The Alegria sessions will always be offering different energies being channeled, as they tune in with the present energetic imprint of the Earth, and the new light codes received from the Cosmos. That is why these chants cannot be recorded at the moment, since we are experiencing a major energy shift.


“Alegria has a voice and sound that is a very powerful gift and safe channel for others to unlock and dislodge emotions that they no longer need to hold to anymore. Her connection to our earth and beyond is ancient and timeless in tone and has a forceful dignity that can help others to move forward with less friction into joy and grace. Be blessed by Alegria’s healing way to let go of what is no longer necessary for you and connect back to totality and simplicity”

David, Fashion Journalist


“Alegria has an innate and authentic gift to channel the vibrations of healing sounds and tones that come through her voice and deeply enter the heart and soul of all who are present. Her intuitive ability to connect with flowing vibrations of sound as she spontaneously transmits these waves through love and compassion are experienced as a calming, serene and meditative journey into the healing frequencies of the universe. Alegria shares this gift from her heart in a full expression of love and trust, creating spaces where energy organically flows into resonance and expanded states of consciousness. You can feel the energies moving through her as she intuitively channels exactly what is needed in the moment.

As a facilitator, Alegria knows how to use her gifts by creating a space where ego dissolves and consciousness awakens. The deeper into the journey of sound one is willing to go, as surrender to the present moment evolves, the more expanded the space becomes as intuition guides the flow of awakening into inner states of peace and essence of being”

Serena, Marketing Consultant


“Alegria heals every cell of your body with a divinely channeled musical sound frequency emanating from her vocal chords. Her telepathic communication with plant realms guides her to detox your body of every energy frequency that does not serve your highest good. This leaves only your true radiant self to blossom.”

Cindy, Yoga Instructor


“I received a healing treatment from Alegria recently. Using different tones and textures in her voice, she intuitively explored my energy field, responding closely to any responses from my body. Quite quickly, I entered a deeper state, no longer aware of the room, experiencing only the sound of her voice. I studied sound healing myself a few years ago and I am impressed by her technique. She is calm and grounded in her approach and sure of the practice.  I received a good healing which benefited me at the physical level, as well as the emotional and mental levels.  I needed to rest for a while afterwards and later I experienced restored energy, clarity and an improved feeling of balance. I would not hesitate to recommend Alegria as an effective, skilled and compassionate healing practitioner”

Oz, Musician


“During the session with Alegria I felt physically expanding, my chest felt like it could take more oxygen. That sensation gave the feeling of receiving energy, and her words guiding me helped me to visualize myself giving and receiving love. The voice was so deep and beautiful, and at times loud and sending strong vibrations that felt more like an instrument being played than a person actually singing. Both times I had a session I felt my eyesight is better and breathing deeper. After the sessions I continued to feel opening my heart, and being kind and calm”

Kay, Flight Attendant

About Alegria

After almost a decade of hard core executive life at a Forbes 500 company,  Alegria started a serious inner journey 7 years ago, that allowed her to heal herself from skin cancer and heart arrhythmia among other diseases caused by a lot of stress and emotional distress.

An avid meditator and yoga practitioner, she spent the last year in deep communication with nature, with no money, just asking for food and taking shelter whenever offered. This was an exercise to expand her awareness and establish a deep connection to the wisdom of Nature, and at the same time to fine tune her voice to the energies of the elements. Her journey has been extreme at times, yet she is grateful to be able to offer what she has learned on her path to help others to be self-empowered, heal their wounds, and embrace their higher potential.

Her aim is to bring this technique to as many people as possible, having the target to give a free sessions at hospices, elderly homes, and hospitals.